Unpopular Beliefs

Surfside Jetty.
Contrary to popular belief, Texas does have surf!  Most people venture to our coastline on hot summer days which have the a slim chance to offer any surf.  Typically summer is our flatest time of year, and when I say flat man I mean flat like a lake, it can be flat for more than a month at a time.  Hurricane swells are one of the few weather patterns that will light up the gulf coast with ridable seas.  Now winter, fall and spring can offer up some nice consistent surf.  Lots of cool and cold fronts create ideal weather patterns for the surf.  During the winter water temps
can get down into the low 50's even the high 40's at times.  So a wetsuit is a must.  likewise if there is surf in the summer water temps typically hover the high 80's.  So it's one extreme to the other. The general rule for the Texas coast is the father south you go the bigger the better the surf.  This is due mainly to the continental shelf.  Up North the shelf extends up real far into the gulf and down south it hugs right up against the coast.  (More)
Texas Surf Cams

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